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Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreats

In order to have a healthy business, you need to have a healthy mind. That’s why we have created the Wellness Retreats for Tradies – hosted in Taranaki.


There is just far too many of our top blokes getting crook and we intend to do what we can to help with this. 

Hosted by Ben these retreats are 3-4 days/nights and this is for tradies that need to get away, destress and just simply switch off and rest up. The retreats include great accommodation and activities.

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We have a beautiful family farm in South Taranaki where we will spend lots of time on the retreats along with some other breathtaking locations in Taranaki. If you love the bush and ocean, this will be a dream experience! We value rest and sleep on these retreats as much as the activities.

In between our preferred activities and rest we have scheduled sessions where we talk about our mental health and we put strategies in place around lifestyle changes and make a plan to get both physically and mentally fitter. We then fully support you to execute these changes going forward.

These retreats can be 1 on 1, or they can be a group retreat where we have a few lads all in the same boat. These are great opportunities to connect with likeminded men and bounce ideas around.

This is  perfect for business owners, your management staff such as operations managers or foremen, and even your tradesmen who you think will benefit from some R&R and a few techniques around dealing with mental health issues. All food, transport and accommodation is taken care of.

All you have to do is turn up, participate, relax and enjoy!

Our Mission

To help our tradies who are struggling with burnout, fatigue and ultimately their mental health to get
back on track and utilize some safe and practical strategies that are within our scope.



Recharge Wellness Retreat
Recharge Wellness Retreat

Activities  include hunting, fishing, surfing, paua/shellfish gathering, foraging, knife
making, sausage and salami making, and generally just connecting with nature to completely reset the body and mind. The activities chosen for the retreat are based around your interests.

Recharge Wellness Retreat



Recharge Group Wellness Retreat
Recharge Group Wellness Retreat

Hunting and gathering for food and then cooking this amazing clean food over fire.

Recharge Group Wellness Retreat



Recharge Group Wellness Retreat
Recharge Group Wellness Retreat

Meditation, yoga, massage, sleep, rest, bushwalks and wildlife sight seeing all feed into recharging yourself for business and life.

Recharge Group Wellness Retreat

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